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Manufactured in the heart of Somerset, The Real Shaving Company is a world renowned brand at the forefront of male grooming, offering superior barbershop shave and skincare, since 1953.

Combining modern quality formulations with decades of specialist shave expertise, the collection is based around a three step system, which includes cleansers, shave gels, creams and moisturising products for both normal and sensitive skin. It’s professional barbershop shaving at its simplest and all products use the highest quality formulations.

It all began by working alongside some of Britain’s finest barbers. Us gents trust the man in the barber’s apron when it comes to a ‘proper’ shave. So together we developed expert, professional products for men, who want that barbershop shave from the comfort of their own home.

Simply put, we’re still passionate about helping gents look and feel the very best they can.

Step 1: Prepare


It’s time to say goodbye to soap and water – a bar soap just won’t do. Relying on ordinary soap won’t shift dirt, sweat and pollutants that your skin has been exposed to during the day, but it will dry your skin out.

Say hello to real skincare with our Step 1 Daily Face Wash and Daily Face Scrub. An essential part of every man’s grooming routine, our cleansing tools will remove impurities and dead skin cells from the skin. Preparing you for an irritation free shaving experience by lifting facial hair and ensuring they are softened ready to cut.

A barber practices this technique by using a hot towel gently placed on the face but at double the price. Have your own barber experience from home.

Discover our face wash and face scrub under STEP ONE CLEAN.

Step 2: Shave


Shave to success with our range of expertly formulated Step 2 shaving creams and shaving gels. Be free of cuts, razor and friction burn. Introduce calm, nourished and smooth skin to your shave. Your face will thank us!

No matter your skins concern our shaving tools have you covered. We offer alternative shave creams and gels crafted specifically for guys who suffer with sensitive skin for that extra protection.

Check them out under our STEP TWO SHAVE product range.

Step 3: Maintain


Even with the sharpest tools in your inventory and the best preparation, shaving is hard on skin – and the outside world is no less tough on the freshly shaved. To complete any shaving experience effectively you will need to look after your it. Soothe, hydrate and replenish lost moisture from the skin with one of our Step 3 moisturisers or balms.

Our aftercare products will cover a multitude of skin concerns from dry, sensitive, ageing and normal skin. They offer to tackle protection from the sun, to soothe irritated skin and target the signs of ageing.

Simply choose a moisturiser or balm that suits your needs at STEP THREE AFTERCARE.


Made in Britain


Cruelty Free^


Professional Formula


Are The Real Shaving Co. products tested on animals?^

In March 2013, a new European Union (EU) law was fully implemented that made it illegal to sell animal-tested cosmetics in Europe. We are delighted to let you know that we comply with this law and do not test our products on animals, nor do we employ any third parties to do so as this would be breaking the law.

Do The Real Shaving Co. products contain parabens, SLS or SLES?

No, none of The Real Shaving co. products featured on this website contain parabens, SLS, or SLES.

Are The Real Shaving Co. products suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, The Real Shaving Co. are all suitable for vegetarians.

Are The Real Shaving Co. products suitable for vegans?

The Daily Post-Shave Soothing Balm contains Lanolin so is not suitable for vegans. The rest of the range does not contain ingredients which are from animal origin/derived.

Are The Real shaving Co. products suitable for sensitive skin?

We develop all of our products to be as mild and gentle as possible, but some product types may not be appropriate for the most sensitive skin. Any of our products marked “sensitive” have been carefully tested to minimise the risk of any reaction and should be suitable. These products include Sensitive Shave Gel, Sensitive Shave Gel (Aerosol), Sensitive Shave Cream and Sensitive Moisturiser.

Where can I buy The Real Shaving Co. products?

Please see our stockists just below for details of where you can purchase our products.

Where can I purchase your products in North America/Canada?

Unfortunately we do not have a distributor in America at the moment, but we are working on this and hope to be stocked in a retailer soon. We send orders worldwide from our website shop. International delivery is charged at a flat rate of £4.99. In Canada, you can find our range in Winners, Home Sense & Marshalls Canada (location dependant).

Where you can buy The Real Shaving Co.