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How To Achieve The Ultimate Shave

How To Achieve The Ultimate Shave
4th January 2018 Digital
How To Achieve The Ultimate Shave

Take shaving from a daily chore to a daily ritual. As you may know shaving isn’t always a smooth process – many experience nicks, shaving rash and irritation to their skin simply because they are using the wrong tools and techniques. See our top three tips below for getting the best shave.

Prepare your skin

Firstly, soap and water are a thing of the past; cleansing your skin is key to having the best shaving experience. A simple wash with lukewarm water and our Daily Face Wash or Face Scrub will remove impurities and dead skin from between bristles and lift them away from the surface to ensure a smooth result. Following this essential step will allow the outer layer of hair to become softer and ready for an easier cut when you shave; reducing the opportunity for resistance to the blade, subsequently helping to reduce post-shave irritation.


Brush up

If you haven’t already picked up a shaving brush, we highly recommend you do. Palming a shaving cream or gel between your hands can leave your shave lacking the necessary lather it needs. As well as giving you a good lather, using a brush acts as a gentle exfoliator. It will aid in removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and will lift your facial hair, getting product underneath all the tricky/ hairy places and helps achieve a closer, smoother shave. It’s also cost effective; using a brush means you won’t need to use as much cream – helping you save your pennies. We recommend checking out our ultimate Barber Set or Shaving Brush Collection.


The Correct Tools

Finding the right razor can be a tricky task as they range in price and gadgetry. We suggest keeping it simple and cost effective with a DE safety razor. These razors create a great opportunity to get that optimum smooth feel. Just remember to use small amounts of pressure to reduce the risk of nicks; and don’t shave against the grain.

Practicing both of these tips will ensure you keep your skin happy. We recommend you consider looking up The Sterling Shave Club, who offer a monthly or bimonthly subscription service. ‘The Lordship’ – priced at £6.99, comes with 10 razor blades and 125ml’s of our finest Traditional Shave Cream. Two birds with one stone, etc. You can’t go wrong.