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Born in 1953

Bring back the DE safety razor

Bring back the DE safety razor
6th April 2018 Digital

The world of shaving has significantly changed over the years, but we think that you can’t get much better than the good old DE safety razor.


What is a double edge safety razor?


A safety razor is a shaving tool that has a protective device positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin. It is comprised of a metal handle and a single, disposable razor blade.


Why this razor?


They have been around since the 1800s – so they have definitely been tried and tested! Below are just some of the highlights for this timeless piece of equipment.


  • The safety razor uses a single cutting edge that traverses the skin at a comfortable angle and removes facial hair with an exact and clean cut
  • It minimises the tugging of facial hair from where it sits in the skin because of the sharp, single edge
  • It doesn’t require the need to shave over the same patch of hair multiple times
  • It will help to lessen the chance of skin getting irritated or nicked along the way because of its first cut accuracy
  • There are no stacked razor blades and therefore will minimise the opportunity for clogging
  • The disposable razors are not only cut to be extremely sharp, they work out more cost effective on your wallet
  • You will never need to replace the razor handle itself


Why not use our Traditional or Sensitive shave creams with your DE Safety Razor for the perfect shave?