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  • Apr252018
    Bring back the DE safety razor

    Why should men cleanse?

    A common question we get asked is why should men cleanse? Cleansing is simply washing your face and in this…

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  • Apr192018
    The Grooming Travel Guide

    The Grooming Travel Guide

    No matter where you go on your travels this year, don’t fret about taking away your grooming essentials. Some of…

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  • Feb152018
    No More Sensitive Skin

    No More Sensitive Skin

    If your skin feels troubled and easily irritated by the daily rigors of your grooming regime, look no further. Our…

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  • Jan192018
    The Easy Resolution

    The Easy Resolution

    To ease you into the new year we thought we would continue our useful guide on how to achieve the…

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  • Oct292017
    A guide to skin types for men

    A Guide To Skin Types For Men

    In this post we explain why understanding the different skin types for men is important when choosing a new product…

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  • Mar132017
    Lewis Gregory's Grooming Regime

    Lewis Gregory’s Grooming Regime

    We caught up with our new brand ambassador, Lewis Gregory. In-between winter training before he flew to Abu Dhabi, Lewis’s…

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  • Aug262016

    Are You Safe In The Sun?

    Last week we visited the Somerset County Cricket Club boys at their home ground. Melanoma UK were on their yearly…

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  • Aug042016

    What is SPF?

    What does SPF, UVA & UVB actually mean? And how does the sun damage our skin when unprotected? In this…

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  • Apr192016
    Shave Cream Wash Bag

    Wash Bag Travel Guide

    No matter where you’re travelling this year, be it business or pleasure  – you’re going to want to be prepared…

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  • Mar312016
    SPF15 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

    Why Should you Moisturise?

    What do we think about moisturising? For some, it’s an important part of our daily routine after we shave or…

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