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Our England V South Africa IT20 Log

Our England V South Africa IT20 Log
26th June 2017 Digital
England V SA cricket

We were invited to attend the England Vs South Africa IT20 on 23rd June 2017 at the Cooper Associates County Ground. Here’s our diary from the day.

10:00 – We arrive at the Cooper Associates County Ground and already there is already a real buzz of excitement in the air. Food and drinks stands are setting up and the security team are having their final briefing. Not to mention Sky News cameras are being rigged up for prime viewing. We park up and offload our gazebo and samples for the day.

10:10 – We get distracted from setting up our gazebo and decide to have a look at the pitch instead. The Somerset ground staff are making their final preparations for the first international game to be held at Taunton in 34 years. We also get a bit too over-excited when we say our logo displayed in full view on the digital advertising boards around the pitch!

10:30 – We say hello to our friends (and gazebo neighbours) Somerset County Sports and discuss gazebo logistics – if you’ve ever put up a gazebo you’ll know they can be slightly complex and have a tendency to blow away in the wind if you don’t tie them down!). We’re in a wind tunnel so we borrow some sand bags from the Somerset groundsmen.

12:30 – Our gazebo is all set, so we reward ourselves with a cup of tea and a panini (apparently it’s too early for cider).

14:00 – We meet with the rest of The Real Shaving Co. dream team and are forced to pose for a photo by our lovely, Communications Manager. She’s the one in the middle.

14:30 – A brilliant brass band emerge and practice a few songs, including the BBC Test Match Cricket Theme Song, Soul Limbo. Naturally, we have a little dance! Who can resits a live band? Probably plenty of people BUT… that’s not to say it isn’t infectious.

15:00 – The gates open and all of a sudden the Brian Rose Gate is full of people buying drinks and picking up one (or two) of our free SPF15 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser samples. Lot’s of people pop by for a chat – they are always particularly interested to hear that The Real Shaving Co. is made in the heart of Somerset (aka, Wellington).

15:30 – The winners of our England Vs South Africa IT20 cricket ticket competition drop by to say hello. It was great to finally meet them.

16:00Somerset County Cricket Club captain Tom Abel pays a visit to our gazebo. He’s here with his family, so – as much as we would like to chat to him all afternoon, we wish him farewell… but once again our Communications Manager cannot let him go without grabbing a little photo opportunity. It is her job, after-all!

17:00 – The game starts and we grab a doughnut – if you haven’t been to the doughnut van, you are missing out guys and girls. We head back and manage to secure a great view near the ground’s shed to watch South Africa’s innings with the SCCC staff members.

18:20 – It’s the interval and we head back to hand out the last of our samples to the people that didn’t manage to get their hands on one. We pack up the gazebo as quickly as possible so we  can catch England’s innings.

20:00 – It was a great game but unfortunately, England couldn’t clinch the win. And we say… time for a well-deserved cider!

We hope you enjoyed the game and we look forward to seeing you all again at Somerset County Cricket Club‘s T20 home games.