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Give Up The Beard

Give Up The Beard
1st March 2017 Digital
Give Up The Beard For Lent

Here in this very simple yet effective list we give you 10 reasons to give up the beard… Are you ready?… Steady-y-y… SHAVE!


1. You may start to enjoy milky baths with your chin hair, mmm.


2. You may do a bad job of ironically smoking a pipe in the woods.


3. You may start wearing bandanna’s around your arm and look pretty confused about it.


4. That skin under your beard may be really thirsty.


5. Your thumbs may try to run away from you. Desperate for better days.


6. You may start spending an unhealthy amount of time perfecting the best Instagram back pack/ side-beard selfie #instabeard.


7. Bubbles may spontaneously appear around you, they call this the Glinda effect.


8. You may turn into a clown.


9. You may think it’s safe to stand in the middle of the road, don’t throw away essential life lessons.


10. You may think you’ve turned into a jumping chicken.


Is this not reason enough, folks?