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Born in 1953

Lewis Gregory’s Grooming Regime

Lewis Gregory’s Grooming Regime
13th March 2017 Digital
Lewis Gregory's Grooming Regime

We caught up with our new brand ambassador, Lewis Gregory. In-between winter training before he flew to Abu Dhabi, Lewis’s schedule is pretty packed. We asked him how he’s getting on with winter training,  “Winter and summer is very different for us, Daz is breathing down our necks in the winter, it’s his period where he gets us strong and fit. We’re in at 9:30 every morning for thirty minute flexibility training, then running or fitness. After that we hit the gym all afternoon! It’s a fairly busy time”. And of course we asked if he is looking forward to Abu Dhabi, “It’s a pretty awesome job to go, the lifestyle that we get is unbelievable, you get to meet a lot of different people and a lot of time to travel the world”.


Being a frequent traveller, we asked Lewis how he keeps his grooming regime in check, “I have various wash bags for different reasons and they are all ready to go. I have one to travel with, one for home, one for the ground and one for the away games. I’m a regular user of the Face Scrub and SPF 15 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser. When it comes to shaving, I do like to let the beard grow but when I do, I use the Sensitive Shave Cream which does the job really well. I make sure I carry it with me. If there is a game aired on TV or there is an event, I always make sure to shave. I try to look after myself!”.


It’s time to wrap up, Lewis is onto his next training session. We ask if it’s going to entail anything too gruelling, “We do something called the yoyo test. It tests our fitness, like the bleep test in school? But quicker and so much tougher. We have to make sure our fitness is always on the mark otherwise the physio’s won’t be happy”. We wish him luck and thankful we aren’t participating and don’t particularly fancy re-living the dreaded bleep test. On farewell and parting handshakes Lewis leaves on this final note, “I’m really excited to be working with you guys. The products are really great and it’s good to be working with a local Somerset company – have a nice day guys!”.