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No More Sensitive Skin

No More Sensitive Skin
15th February 2018 Digital
No More Sensitive Skin

If your skin feels troubled and easily irritated by the daily rigors of your grooming regime, look no further. Our guide will help you to choose the right products and techniques to use.




Start getting into the habit of washing your face and with the correct tools. Taking this step will cleanse your skin of dead skin cells and any impurities lingering on the surface. Subsequently, this reduces the risk of any post-shave irritation occurring, should you choose to shave. Our Face Wash is an anti-tightness foaming gel that contains gentle surfactants and natural oils to cleanse without leaving the skin dried out.



Try using a shaving gel or cream that is made specifically for sensitive skin. Sensitive Shave Cream or Sensitive Shave Gel, are designed to help calm aggravated skin and should glide smoothly reducing razor drag, causing no nicks or further disagreement with your skin. Bonus tip, go with the grain and not against.




Keep your skin hydrated. This step is an imperative step to keeping your thirsty skin feeling supple and moisturised. Dry skin can occur after washing your face or shaving. Sensitive Anti-Ageing Moisturiser is a nourishing and hydrating formula that contains Q10 technology. This helps to minimise the signs of wrinkles and aims to firm skin.