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Born in 1953

On Shaving

On Shaving
13th July 2015 Digital
Barbers Table

So do you really need a daily wet shave down the barber’s? On balance, no.

But there’s no denying there’s something in all that expertise. The absolute certainty that comes from meeting a lot of faces and revealing their true glory. Always knowing that this is what you use, with these strokes, in this order. Every time.

Something that doesn’t get said enough about expertise is that doing the same thing every day gets pretty tedious. Ask any Olympic swimmer, concert oboist or extreme gamer. Those guys may spend 10,000 hours getting to the basic Genius Level One but most men spend a third of that time shaving – around six months all in, like the time it takes for a broken leg to heal properly, or a marriage to… never mind.

And if being a barber means getting through six months of faces not in a lifetime but in around, well, six months, you can see why we decided that sharing our expertise has its appeal. You do it. We’ll help.

You’re welcome.