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Born in 1953

Questions with Lewis Gregory

Questions with Lewis Gregory
27th June 2016 Digital
Questions with Lewis Gregory
As the T20 has begun, we sat down with the Somerset County Cricket Club team and asked them a few questions about life on and off the pitch. Here is our chat with Lewis Gregory.


  1. What was your highlight of the grooming day?

It was really good fun.  The best bit had to be watching “Leachy” get his head wet shaved (click here to watch).


  1. What is your game day grooming regime?

I wouldn’t say that I have a regime as such.  I just try to make sure that I look sharp and ready!


  1. What’s your best grooming tips?

Use moisturiser to stay youthful!


  1. Who taught you to shave?

I’m pretty sure I was self-taught.


  1. Which is your favourite Real Shaving Company product?

The SPF15 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser.


  1. Are you enjoying the Natwest T20 Blast? What makes it different to other games? Is there a particular game you enjoy the most?

Yes!  I get a real buzz from it.  The crowd here are brilliant and playing in front of a full house is great.  If I had to pick one fixture it would be the local derby against Gloucestershire.


  1. How long have you been playing & when did you decide you wanted to be a pro cricketer?

I started playing when I was about 9.  I always wanted to be a professional sportsman but went down the path of cricket when I was about 14.


  1. How important is sun protection when you’re out playing all day?

Very important, playing a sport like Cricket means being exposed to the sun  for an extended amount of time. Using protection like an SPF moisturiser is vital!


  1. Finally, who’s the best groomed player in the team and why?

Peter Trego.  He’s a pretty-boy show-pony!