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Say Bye To The Beard

Say Bye To The Beard
7th October 2015 Digital


We all know that for many years the ‘hipster’ beard has been in fashion.  But during my drive to work yesterday I was  listening to Matt and Caroline’s morning breakfast show on Heart South West and found myself laughing away to  “Producer Boy Josh” parading  “Intern Pete” along the streets of Devon trying to get the general public’s views on his new  “man plait” craze.


Eek!  It didn’t go down too well…..Viking Pete.


But, as we go into winter, regardless of your hair style – classic cut, wild, hairy beast, plaits, bun or otherwise – make sure you ditch unstylish overgrown facial hair and enjoy a classic clean shave. You will be in good company – check out the latest looks of Tom Cruise, Jude Law and Zac Effron.


Our suggestion for choosing a classic shaving regime, especially for those of you who have steered away during the summer months, include using an easy and effective daily regime with a variety of products that can be used before, during and after shaving, delivering superior shaving results.


We are bias, but would recommend:


Pre Shave: Daily Face Scrub

Gentle micro beads help to remove dead skin cells and impurities. Almond Oil and Coca Butter leave the skin moisturised and smooth, ready to start shaving.


Shave: Traditional Shave Cream

Rich and creamy, double concentrated lather helps to cushion and cover hair, lifting bristles away from the skin. This preps the skin for an easy, comfortable shave. Added Cocoa Butter and Willowbark help to soothe the skin.


Post Shave: Soothing Balm

Daily use immediately calms discomfort and skin irritation caused by shaving. The mild, non-oily formula contains Aloe Vera to condition, hydrate and leave skin comfortable for men who are not used to shaving.


Let us know.  Show us your photos.  Even Viking Pete is clean shaven. #realshavingcompany