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Why should men cleanse?

Why should men cleanse?
25th April 2018 Digital
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A common question we get asked is why should men cleanse? Cleansing is simply washing your face and in this guide, we shed some light on the importance of cleaning your skin.


Is soap enough?


The short answer is no. Bars of soap are harsh and drying on the skin. The skin on the face isn’t as thick as that of your body and therefore needs a dedicated face wash or scrub to treat it right. This is especially true for guys who suffer from sensitive skin.

Using a cleansing tool like our Daily Face Wash, which contains gentle surfactants and natural oils to gently cleanse skin, will help to reduce any tight or dry skin sensations you may experience after washing your face. Keeping your face hydrated and protected.


Should you use a face wash before a shave?


Yes, preparing the skin is crucial for a smooth and irritation free shave. Investing in a face wash will not only help to remove dirt and impurities prior to shaving, it also softens beard hair ready for a smoother cut by reducing razor drag.


Should you use a face scrub and face wash?


This comes down to personal preference. Our face scrub uses natural walnut husk to gently exfoliate skin and our face wash contains aloe vera oil to hydrate your skin, so both can be used daily.


What should you look for in a men’s facial cleanser?


A solid men’s facial cleanser should not contain PE beads, harsh surfactants (SLES, SLS) or parabens. None of our cleansers contains these ingredients which can be a irritant to your skin.