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A Guide To Skin Types For Men

A Guide To Skin Types For Men
29th October 2017 Digital
A guide to skin types for men

In this post we explain why understanding the different skin types for men is important when choosing a new product for your grooming regime. Getting this step right helps to support your skin in the best possible manner.


What skin type are you?

Our products specialise to treat those who experience dry, sensitive or oily skin.


Dry Skin – If your skin experiences tightness during the day & doesn’t feel comfortable.

Step 1: Daily Face Wash, will act as a non-abrasive and delicate cleanser that will remove impurities and smooth skin ready for shaving.

Step 2: Moisturising Shave Gel, contains aloe vera and seaweed extract to help soothe and hydrate skin for a cushioned and moisturised shave.

Step 3: Daily Post Shave Soothing Balm, contains aloe vera – an essential ingredient to soothe and relieve post-shave irritation. Our balm has had some great reviews and they speak for themselves…

“To say this post-shave balm has transformed my skin is an understatement! No more razor burn and so cooling and moisturising. I have recommended yours to several friends and they all agree- vastly different from any others they have tried!” Stephen, Glasgow.

Sensitive Skin – If your skin feels troubled and easily irritated by shaving.

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Step 2: Sensitive Shave Cream or Sensitive Shave Gel, are designed to help calm aggravated skin and should glide smoothly reducing razor drag, causing no nicks or further disagreement with your skin.

Step 3: Sensitive Moisturiser Anti-Ageing, is a nourishing and hydrating formula that contains Q10 technology which specifically helps reduce the sign of wrinkles and aims to firm skin whilst keeping it ultimately hydrated to its full potential.


Oily Skin – If you feel your skin is more greasy in certain areas and you want to avoid excess shine.

Step 1: Daily Face Scrub, an exfoliator which uses walnut husk particles to buff away dead skin cells and remove impurities. It will also help to reduce ingrown hairs.

Step 2: Sensitive Shave Cream and Sensitive Shave Gel, both contain aloe vera to aid soothe tender and irritated skin.

Step 3: Multi-Task Super 8 Balm, the description is in the name, an award-winning formula that has a mattifying effect on skin, reducing the appearance of shine whilst keeping skin hydrated.

Don’t have any of these concerns?

If you feel your skin is balanced or if you are unsure and you don’t know where to start, we recommend using products that will suit the majority of skin types.

Step 1: Daily Face Wash, this is a gentle cleanser that will remove the impurities gathered from daily life. Separately, it also acts as a great preparation tool pre-shave to keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

Step 2: Traditional Shave Cream and Super Slide Shave Gel, both contain willow bark extract to reduce razor drag. And will make your skin feel supple and conditioned after a good shave. The split is subjective to what material you prefer the texture of.

Step 3: SPF15 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, is perfect for someone who needs a light moisturiser with protective properties and the bonus of an anti-ageing formula.


We hope this can act as a guide and you get the best from your skincare and shaving products.