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A Smooth Guide to Valentines Day

A Smooth Guide to Valentines Day
6th February 2018 Digital
A Smooth Guide to Valentines Day

We thought we would pull together our top 3 tips for impressing your significant other on Valentine’s Day. No, this guide is not about how to pick the right box of chocolates, flowers or where you can buy rose petals from – no, sir. This guide is about how to impress by taking care of yourself. So that when it’s time to lean in for the big smooch, he or she won’t run the other way.


Keep It Close


You may or may not have experienced a shaving rash in your lifetime, but we can tell you it is uncomfortable. However, giving someone else a stubble rash because you haven’t shaved properly is just plain rude. The person you are trying to kiss, won’t be blown away by the red mark left on their face. We fortunately, have an expert range of professionally formulated shaving gels and creams to keep your jaw nice and tidy. Whether you prefer to use our Traditional Shaving Cream or Moisturising Shave Gel, we can guarantee to offer a clean finish. Subsequently, we don’t think you’ll be receiving any complaints about the little daggers on your face.


Stay Fresh


One of the most crucial things to do is to keep your breath fresh. We aren’t dentists, but we can tell you this much, disguising it doesn’t cut it. If you really want to achieve a pearly white smell with odorless breath you need to take a couple of steps. Floss daily, brush your teeth and gums and clean your tongue. We like to call this the whole package. For more information on oral health, read more here. You do this, you’ll walk away with a good taste in your mouth.


It’s In The Air


It is very important that you get your fragrance right. Make sure it is something that embodies you and your tastes, that is important. However, if you are lost we can give you some direction. We highly recommend a classic fragrance like Aqua Di Parma – Colonia. Born from sunny Sicilian citrus fruits that merge with woody notes of vetiver and a base of patchouli. This fragrance is bound to make someone want to go back for a touch more.