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Brush Up For Spring!

Brush Up For Spring!
12th March 2018 Digital
Spring Clean! Top 3 Shaving Tips

The fact is, most men shave. We all have something to work with – from those of us who have thick, coarse bristles to those who have but a whisper hair on their chin. Whatever you’ve got, it needs to be well maintained and we have some time-tested tips that will help you to freshen your shaving experience just in-time for spring below.


Before we get into the hairy topics of this guide, we would like to remind you of the basics. These are illustrated in our three-step system, cleanse, shave and aftercare. Following these simple rules will set you on a good path to having a solid and consistent grooming regime. For further information on these rules, click here. Otherwise, we will continue with our handy guide.


Your Jaws New Best Friend


A shaving brush will be one of the best investments you can make to help you along your shaving journey. A brush acts as a great companion in helping you to achieve a closer shave, for the following three reasons.

  • Firstly, using a brush helps to evenly distribute shaving cream or gel through your facial hair. Helping to lift the hair and reach into all the tricky places that your palms may not be able to cover.
  • Secondly, a brush acts as a gentle exfoliator and will aid in removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, reducing the risk of razor burn and post-shave irritation.
  • Lastly, it is cost effective. Using a shaving brush means you won’t need to waste as much of your product, making it (and your pennies) go further.





Keep Your Tools Sharp


It doesn’t matter if you use a safety razor or a disposable one, just make sure it is sharp. A blunt razor can be a traumatic experience for your skin, causing irritation, nicks and razor burn – to name a few. We recommend changing your blade every 8-10 shaves before it becomes blunt. A top tip is to soak your razor blade in hot, steaming water before using it. This will dislodge any product build up left-over from your last shave. We would recommend checking out The Sterling Shave Club for an affordable and convenient subscription service. This will help you to avoid any nasty encounters with a blunt razor in the future. For more information, just click below.




Keep It Cool


The last rule is very simple to follow, finish with cold water. Not only is dashing your face with cold water a refreshing experience, it is also very good for your skin and this isn’t because it closes your pores. It is because using hot water can dry your skin out, stripping away essential oils you may have lost during your shave. Shaving can remove up to the top two layers of your skin, so finishing up with cold water will allow your skin to cool off and not dry out – opening it up to post-shave irritation. As an added top tip, we do recommend replenishing any lost moisturise and re-hydrating with one of our moisturisers or balms. Check out our expert re-hydrators below.