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Our Top 10 Shaving Tips

Our Top 10 Shaving Tips
13th July 2015 Digital
About Shaving


  1. Don’t shave first thing
    Wake up a little first. It’s all to do with moisture retention and puffiness. Just take our word for it. Make coffee, calls, love. Best of all, shower. Then shave. Your face will thank you.
  2. Use our PREPARE range
    Together with hot water, it’s the nearest you can get to the barbershop experience – without the cost. Or the singing.
  3. Use properly hot water
    This swells the bristles so you cut them instead of your skin. Unless you’re auditioning for a shoestring zombie movie, that has to be a better way to go.
  4. Use our SHAVE range
    It really works. Enough said.
  5. Use a new-ish blade
    You want to look sharp, use sharp. Don’t scrimp.
  6. Shave in the direction of the hair growth
    Start out like this at least. You may need to reverse direction to get the last prickles but not until most of the work is done.
  7. Rinse the blade often
    Otherwise it won’t be sharp any more.
    Obvious? Trust us, it takes all sorts.
  8. If you have kids, don’t have prickly skin
    They hate that in a dad. Oh, and don’t automatically tell people their ages when saying their names. If they want to know, they’ll ask. Be a guy.
  9. Use our MAINTAIN range after shaving
    The day is long. The evening follows. Look after yourself.
  10. Our products can also shave your body.
    Well, we did promise ten, and cyclists and swimmers are keen on this.