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Top 3 Iconic Moustaches

Top 3 Iconic Moustaches
24th November 2016 Digital
Top 3 Iconic Moustaches

Ever pondered on growing a tickly ‘tash? Now is the prime time. Movember is here and we have pulled together five classic styles for you to grab some inspiration from and try out this month.


The Selleck

The Chevron, the classic upper lip accessory. Frequently worn by Tom Selleck (and your uncle Graham) throughout his career, this iconic style needs coarse, straight hair and a little trim to keep it above the lip. A simple and instantly recognisable style that’ll be sure to keep you looking like a dapper gentleman.


The Handlebar

The handlebar has had a revival. If you’re looking to get a little creative it won’t take much effort. Simply grow to the desired length. Part with a comb and brush for full length. Invest in a good moustache wax and simply twist the ends inwards to create the iconic flick on either end of your lip. We think Daniel Day Lewis sports the handlebar moustache best in a little classic called Gangs of New York.

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The Cowboy

The Cowboy, a shaggy chevron moustache. Overgrown and dishevelled this style should be easy to achieve but will take longer to grow. Keep maintained with scissors and create choppier angles over the lip to create texture and break having a straight line. Sam Elliott is your go-to man for inspiration.