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Top 3 Shaving Tips For Men

Top 3 Shaving Tips For Men
10th June 2016 Digital
Top 3 Shaving Tips

Shaving isn’t always smooth – many experience nicks, shaving rash and irritation to their skin simply because they are using the wrong tools. If this is you, read this post for tips to take shaving from a daily chore to a daily ritual.

Prepare your skin

Soap and water is a thing of the past; cleansing your skin is key to having the best shave. A simple wash with warm water and our Daily Face Wash or Face Scrub will remove impurities and dead skin from between bristles and lift them away from the surface to ensure a smooth result. Use warm water (not hot) & pat with a a towel to gently dry. This will also make the outer layer of hair softer and ready for an easier cut when you shave; reducing the opportunity for post-shave irritation.

Brush up

Whisking up cream or gel in the palm of your hands can leave your shave lacking the necessary lather it needs. A shaving brush helps to produce a quality lather and will get the best out of your chosen product. Using a brush will also help to get your shaving product right under and in-between your scruffy bits so each glide of the razor is a comfortable one.

The Correct Tools

Finding the right razor can be a tricky task, razors range in price and gadgetry. We suggest keeping it simple and cost effective with a DE razor. These razors create a great opportunity to get that optimum smooth feel but a few tips to remember before putting them into practice; use small amounts of pressure to reduce the risk of nicks and don’t shave against the grain. Doing both of these things will ensure you keep your skin happy. We recommend you look into The Sterling Shave Club, who offer a monthly or bimonthly subscription service. ‘The Lordship’ – priced at £6.99, comes with 10 razor blades and 125ml’s of our finest Traditional Shave Cream. Two birds with one stone, etc. You can’t go wrong.


We hope these small tips will help make a big change in your shaving experience, good luck gents.