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Wash Bag Travel Guide

Wash Bag Travel Guide
19th April 2016 Digital
Shave Cream Wash Bag

No matter where you’re travelling this year, be it business or pleasure  – you’re going to want to be prepared to look your best, which is why we prepared this wash bag travel guide.

The Bag

To start off you’re going to need a decent wash bag to contain all of your travel essentials. We’ve selected a few practical bags, made to endure even the hardiest of trips, that don’t sacrifice style.

A compact Light Brown Wash Bag from River Island priced at £15 is classically designed and simple to use with three main storage pockets, outside and in.

John Lewis’s Gentleman Hook Line & Sinker Wash Bag uses resilient materials and is designed to roll out with a hook attached to hang. Four easily accessible zips and pockets, priced at £35. We particularly like this wash bag in khaki.

If you travel frequently we recommend a little more of an investment with Marchbrae’s Hanging Leather Wash Bag, priced at £45. Crafted from hard-wearing materials and a multitude of pockets and zips with the added bonus of a hook to hang and grab your goods.


Shaving Tools

Disregard the disposable razors & carry the best tools for the job. We recommend you look into Sterling Shave Club and check out their monthly or bi-monthly subscription service. ‘The Lordship’ package – priced at £6.99 – gives you a high quality double edged razor handle, 10 razor blades and in each delivery you’ll also receive 30ml of our finest Traditional Shaving Cream.

This travel size version of our best-selling shave cream can also be purchased from our website so you’re hand-luggage ready. A thick double concentrated consistency and creamy formula enriched with organic cocoa butter and willow bark will help keep you hydrated and feel smooth, reducing razor burn and drag – helping to leave you with no nasty nicks & just jet-lag to contend with!

Use Protection

… From the sun! What did you think we meant? SPF Moisturiser is an essential whenever travelling. We recommend you invest in your skin and protect it from the harsh realities of damage from UV rays, better safe than sorry we say. Our SPF 15 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser will help defend you from the sun and contains Q10 technology which targets wrinkles for visibly younger, firmer looking skin. Did we mention it’s won an award?


Stay Fresh

Wash off travel grime & revitalise for the adventures of the day with Jack Black’s Turbo Body Bar. This product is designed to keep your skin exfoliated, smooth and hydrated, while it’s solid bar formula apt for travelling as it definitely won’t be spilling in your bag.

We hope this travel guide is useful adventurers. Safe travels!